The Victorian Government plans to demolish and redevelop 44 public housing towers around Melbourne. 120 Racecourse Road and 12 Holland Court, Flemington are planned to be demolished by 2031. 

What does this mean for you as a resident? 

You do not have to leave your home now. 

Homes Victoria will call you soon to talk about your options. You should:  

  • Ask for an interpreter  
  • Ask for a support person  
  • Ask for an in-person meeting  
  • Tell Homes Victoria what you would like to happen 
  • Ask if you can return to Flemington once the redevelopment is finished. 

Below is some information explaining your rights and the different types of housing the Government is planning. 

What are the different types of housing? 

The government says that they will redevelop the tower sites with a mix of private (market), affordable and social housing. The below picture shows the different types of housing. 

 Social housing includes: 

  • public housing – your landlord is the State of Victoria, and 
  • community housing – your landlord is a community organisation 

Affordable housing: 

  • your landlord may be a community organisation or private owner 
  • the rent is lower than market rate 

Private (market) 

  • your landlord is private owner 
  • you pay full market rate  

What rights do you have? 

You are a ‘tenant’ if your name is on the lease. Tenants have more rights than people living in the same property who are not on the lease.  

Children or dependents of tenants will have the same rights as their carers. 

You should speak to us if you are not on the lease. We may be able to help you apply for housing.  

Here are your rights as a tenant: 

  1. Notice of Demolition: Tenants must receive written notice before any demolition. This notice must say the timeline for demolition and relocation. 
  2. Right to be consulted: Tenants have the right to speak with Housing and be involved in the planning process. Housing must engage with tenants to discuss what they would like for relocation.  
  3. Options for relocation: Tenants should be offered suitable alternative accommodation by Housing. The alternative accommodation should be a similar standard and location, if possible. 
  4. Financial assistance: Some tenants may receive financial help to cover moving costs (packing, removal, and transportation). You should ask Housing to see if you are eligible.  
  5. Appeal rights: Tenants have the right to appeal decisions about their relocation or the demolition process. If tenants disagree with the proposed relocation or the conditions of the alternative accommodation, they can seek a review or appeal.
  6. Tenant Support Services: Housing may provide support services to help tenants with relocation, including help finding a new home, counselling, and support for vulnerable or elderly tenants. 
  7. Dispute Resolution: Tenants can access dispute resolution processes if they have problems with relocation or demolition. These processes are designed to resolve issues fairly. 
  8. Compensation for disruption: In some cases, tenants may be eligible for compensation for the disruption caused by the demolition and relocation process.  

Moonee Valley Legal Service is here to help. Public housing residents can drop in at these times: 

Wingate Avenue Community Centre, Ascot Vale 

13a Wingate Avenue, Ascot Vale

Every Wednesday, 1pm – 4pm

Djerring Hub, Flemington 

25 Mt Alexander Road, Flemington

Every Thursday, 1pm-4pm